Garda, Italy

1959423_10152381961395609_8514419218186129799_nGarda is a great place to sailing the wind fills in at one o’clock in the afternoon and builds to nice 12-16 knot breeze almost every day. Garda is also a great place to bike, which is what I have been doing in Europe as my cross training.

For me Garda was a training event with the focus being to improve my starts. It was great to have Royal Van coach Al Clark over to coach for the training and the regatta. Before the event we worked on lots of starting drills especial time on distance and fighting for position on the line.


The venue is actually quite similar to Squamish in many ways, it has fairly flat water and is surrounded by beautiful mountains on 3 sides. Just like in squamush it is important to get to the right hand side of the course on the inner-loop because of a persistent right shift from the land. On the outer loop it was a bit more complicated with big puffs rolling down the course, sometimes it would pay to play the shifts other times you had to dig in and get to the left shore.

Due to the bias of the course it was important to be able to start near the boat, tack and go right early.  So being able to start in congested areas was very important which was perfect, because I have been working on that exact skill which made this regatta perfect for training.

Though it was frustrating to miss gold fleet at this event it was nice to be able to race at the front of silver fleet, which let me practice my tactics of being amongst the leaders in a race.


I feel that I am starting to make progress, though slow I am happy to feel like I am making forward progress.


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