Post Miami

It’s been almost two weeks since Miami OCR ended I had a mediocre event finishing 51 of 90 boats. Conditions during the event were tough we only sailed 5 races in qualifying and no finals racing. We missed two days due to no wind and only got one race off another day. I struggled to get to the first windward mark in good positions throughout the event, but I am happy to say that my downwind speed has improved over the last month.  Good news is my result was good enough to qualify me for the 2014 Canadian Sailing Team, which means more support and more funding which will make my life a little easier and hopefully help me on the road to qualify for the Olympics.


Bad news is that I sprained my ankle a few days ago, so I had to head home early which means I won’t be able to Sail Mid Winters East, but I am looking forward to spending a productive month at home to make sure I get everything sorted, ankle and other wise. I am confident that I will be ready for Palma which is my next major event at the end of March. 12197706873_21822dcb63_k

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