Day 6 in Oman

I have been in Oman for 6 days. I have been getting used to the conditions on and off the water. The temperature has been almost the same each day, around 30 degrees. The wind seems to be fairly consistent. During the day the sea breeze builds around 11 am and in the evening the wind blows the opposite direction. I have been sailing for the last four days, most of the days have consisted of me and the other Canadians doing line ups as a group to the racing area. There we join in the racing with a huge group of boats from other countries.

Right now my training focus is to peak my technical and tactical skills. I am trying to get into race mode my focus has been on things like executing my game plan and keeping my air clear on the downwinds. I have also been working on keeping my head out of the boat as much as possible, because being in pressure has been the deciding factor in most of the races. On shore I have been doing light workouts to maintain my fitness building up to the event.

Today is a day off from training. I am keeping my sailing mentality sharp and ready for the event to start! The next two days I will be back on the water for a bit more training before the event. Saturday will be either a short sail or another rest day, before the event starts IMG_0147

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