49er Sailing Update

A lot has happened since I last posted on my blog, after struggling with an injury for a long time I made the decision that I could no longer keep sailing Lasers. I decided to switch to the 49er a class, which had always interested. I partnered up with Mac Morrin, who had done some 49er sailing previously, and started putting in a  lot of hours. The first month was really tough, we started with two weeks of training in the FX rig, which is the smaller rig for the 49er, which the girls sail in the Olympics. The first two weeks we sailed in  Vancouver so I could get a basic idea of what 49er sailing was like, then we headed out to Halifax for a month of training with the national team, were we switched into the big rig so we could train against the other guys. In Halifax we really go beat up it was cold, wet, wind and really shifty, and I love it! Sometimes we would get hit by a gust and the next thing you knew you were in the water, you really had to look around and see the gusts coming. We did a lot of swimming that month, but we weren’t the only team practicing our swimming technique.

At the end of May we packed up and headed to Kingston were we set up shop for the summer. Before we got back into the 49er though we went down to Oyster Bay, New York for a Match race regatta. Match racing is something that I have been want to do more of, as a sort of cross training to fleet racing.


Once we got back to Kingston we sailed for a solid month training with Rob Frost who kept us inline and gave us an extra push when we needed it. At the end of July we had 49er Canadians, the following week we had some training with the Canadian National Team who had just returned from Europe, before starting Cork OCR.

Throughout the last two events we had learned a lot, but sadly Mac informed me a couple days after Cork that he was planning on going back to school. I was disappointed but I understood his decision.


I was determined to keep myself busy sailing so I focused on match racing in the fall and did a few match race regattas with Landon Gardner and Six Match Racing. I filled the roll as tactician for two regattas and skippered two events with my own team.That pretty much wraps up the season for the year I will update you shortly on what I have planed next.







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