Fall Training

I rapped up my last week of training in Kingston last Wednesday, I had been training there with my new training group, the Canadian Laser Squad, and new Coach Murray McCullough the last two months. Over the last two months we have been working mainly on Speed, we focused mainly on upwind sailing but also did some reaching and downwinds.


We had a lot of days with wind well over 20 knots, which was great, it really gave us the opportunity to work on big breeze sailing on multiple days back to back opposed to when we just get the odd really windy day.



We did a lot of work with rope tiller extensions upwind and reaching which makes it really clear how much you are forcing the tiller because you can’t jab the tiller when using a rope. We also did some sailing with our rudders tied off to practice using our body weight more to turn the boat downwind; this made it really easy to see how much your body effects the way the boat carves downwind. I also found when I sailed with my eyes closed I sailed smaller angles downwind and I forced the boat around a lot less because Iwas sailing off the feel of the boat rather than sailing by visual input.


I made some big improvements over the last two months and I am much happier with my sailing then I was before I came to Kingston.  At the moment I am in Vancouver for ten days for a bit of time off from sailing, and to do some fitness testing and a boot camp with my trainer as well as catching up with some friends. Then I am headed to Clear Water, Florida for the second half of November and December for another training block.



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